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Greensburg, PA 15601
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Sunday 8:30AM
Louis Smail
Diane Smail
Daniele Smail
Beth Smalley
George Clawson
Jon Ackerman
Darlene Ackerman
Jim Blair
Carole Blair
Jim Gettins
Shelley Gettins
Linda Grabb
Bill Grimme
Lynn Grimme
Louis Schmidt
Heather Schmidt
Kathy Shedkock
David Shincovich
LuAnne Shincovich
Dean Mckeal

Sunday 10:30am
Julie Curry
Heather Verbish
Adam Verbish
Shirley Baker
Helen Couchenour
Eric Davis
Brenda Davis
Brynne Davis
Ray Ghrist
Tom McNamara
Gail McNamara
Richard Moon
Lois Moon
Paul Nedrow
Carole Nedrow
Rose Prycl
Carole Giron
Cathy Parfitt
Steve Sipes
Michele Sipes

Sunday 12:30pm
Rose Smail
Jim Swartz
Diane Swartz
Jill Taylor
Dave Anderson
Jake Curry
David Evans
Scott Faust
Tim Pacella
Charlene Pacella
Steve Ramer
Amy Ramer
Wyatt Ramer
Kayla Ramer
Lori Sabo
Linda Shock

Wednesday 6:30pm
Gail Francowic
Pat Metcalfe
Shannon Metcalfe
Jamie George
Madison George
Ava George
Mary Jane George
Harrison Smith
Virgina Smith
Dick Davis
Bonnie Davis
Don Wian
Wendy Wian
David Hibbard
Ken Teacher
Donna Ramer
Nicole Ramer
Dale Struzzi
Stephanie Watkoski
Archer Watkoski

Cleaning Crew

1.Cleaning company will be at the church on Wednesday and Thursday for the first few weeks until we can evaluate the situation. They will be cleaning and wiping down all pews, handrails in stairways, restrooms, door handles. Fellowship Hall they will wipe down the tables and chairs that are set up and roughly 25 chairs. 

Addition Cleaning on Sunday’s

1.After the 8:30 Service and 10:30 Service the handrails, door handles and bathroom sinks. will be wiped down.

Service Information

Service should last roughly 40-50 minutes depending on the Spirit.

8:30 Service can enter church at 7:45am and must exit church by 9:50am

 10:30am Service can enter church at 10:00am and must exit church by 11:55am

 12:30pm Service can enter Church at 12:00pm and no exit time required.

There will be no passing of the offering plate. The plate will be in the back of the sanctuary and you can place your offering when entering or leaving.
There will be no Children message at this time
Joys and concerns there will be no microphone passed along. If you have prayers , concerns or blessing please try and get them to Jill by Friday morning and we can add them in to the bulletin. Urgent needs you just inform Pastor Stephen Sunday Morning.
All songs will be on the power point so you will not need to handle a hymnal. You may sing along if you wish but with a mask on.

Safety Precautions

 We all understand that these are not our normal ideal situations to come in worship. We need to take the necessary precautions to make sure we are being as safe as we can be. 
We are working to keep our service count to 25 and that includes Pastor Stephen, Chuck and Joy for each service. If for some reason something happens, and we have an extra person or 2 that should be ok but we really do need to keep limits in check.
Mask must be worn while in the building. When service starts, I will take my mask off and Chuck and Joy will take their masks off but we will be far enough away from everyone.
Sections of the pews will be designated for each service. This way nobody will sit in the same spot as another person. We do not have enough time to wipe all pews down between services.
Families can sit together, but Friends need to spread out. Need to keep the 6 feet distance. We also will have 1 skipped pew between members.
o8:30 Service There will be signs on the pews on the righthand side of the Sanctuary (Choir Side) Sit in anyone of those marked pews
o10:30 Service Sit on the righthand side of the Sanctuary (Choir Side) in any pew not marked for the 8:30 members
o12:30 service sit on the left-hand side of the Sanctuary (Pastor Side) Just leave an empty pew between you and the people in front of you.
o6;30 Service sit on the left hand side of the Sanctuary (Pastor Side) Just leave an empty pew between you and the people in front of you.

   Final Notes

After 2 weeks of service I am hoping we can get Leadership team meeting and a Deacon Meeting. These meetings will be separate but there might be an advantage of holding both meetings together. We will evaluate if we will continue to operate the same way or what might need to be changed.

As of now we have things planned out the best we can but if you are not attending or been scheduled a worship time please do not just show up. Please let Lori or Pastor Stephen know and we will find a way to get you to a service.